Month: October 2019

Health Tips

Tips for Prioritizing Your Food and Fitness

We’re tricking ourselves in to thinking our time and options are limited. Even if our time is (which is a separate post entirely), our options don’t have to be. We need to be a little better at starting small, balancing our needs, and planning. The benefits of a healthier diet and active lifestyle are well-documented, stimulating both brain power and productivity. […]

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Diet and Nutrition

80% diet and 20% exercise is your best bet for weight loss!

Losing weight is not difficult. You can limit eating food and lose all that weight, fat and inches in less than a week. But in the process you will also end up losing your health. Sagging and dull skin, indigestion, hair fall are some of the effects that you will end up experiencing if you […]

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why it is important to exercise in winter

1. THE SUN IS MORE OF A FRIEND THAN YOUR HEATER There’s a reason it’s called the sunshine vitamin. While there are a limited number of foods that can provide your body with vitamin D, the easiest source is from exposure of bare skin to sunlight. During summer a short exposure of 10-15 minutes is […]

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