Stefi Cohen Just Shattered 3 World Records in One Day

Stefi Cohen Just Shattered 3 World Records in One Day

Powerlifter Stefi Cohen has a habit of breaking world records, and she took the opportunity to do just that at this past weekend’s Hybrid Showdown II, a World Raw Powerlifting Federation-sanctioned competition held at her Hybrid Performance Method gym.

Weighing in at 114.19 pounds—her lightest weight in three years—she deadlifted 205kg (456 pounds) for an all-time world record, squatted 202.5kg (446 pounds) for another all-time world record. She benched 102.5kg (226 pounds), lifting a total of 510 kg (1,124 pounds) for yet another all-time world record. 

Check out videos of the lifts here: 



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Top lifts from yesterday. Super pumped about these lifts and my performance after dropping fifteen pounds to fit in this weight class!! . Deadlift 205kg/456lbs World Record Bench 102.5kg/226lbs Squat 202.5kg/446lbs World Record . @hybridperformancemethod

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@steficohen making history again by breaking 3 all time world records at the Hybrid Showdown. Squat all time world record 202.5 kg | 446 lb (previous record was 190 kg) Deadlift all time world record 205 kg | 452 lb (previous record was 202.5 kg) Total all time world record at 510 kg | 1124 lb (previous record was 493 kg) #hybridshowdown

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Cohen typically competes in the 56kg (123-pound) weight class, but she cut 15 pounds ahead of the Hybrid Showdown to compete at 52kg (114.6 pounds) and snatch a few more records. Her grand total is now 25 all-time world records, which is absolutely incredible considering she’s only 27 years old. Some Instagram followers commented that she should jump up to the 132-pound weight class, and Cohen replied that she’d even move up to compete at 148 pounds.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Cohen, but there were a few other world records to be spoken for at Sunday’s invite-only competition.

Jamal Browner broke two all-time world records in the 110kg (242-pound) raw class with a 440.5kg (971.5-pound) deadlift and a 990kg (2,182.6-pound) total. Despite his success, he’s got his eyes set on even bigger numbers and is prepping for the Animal Pak cage, a platform where many a lifter has pushed their limits.



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Meet recap best lifts: – Squat 3/3: 325/337.5/350kg (716/744/771.6 lbs) Bench 1/3: 195🔴/207.5/217.5kg🔴 (429/457.45/479 lbs) Deadlift 4/4: 395/425/432.5/440.5kg (870/925/953.4/971.5 lbs) *2nd & 3rd attempt shown* – Total: 990kg (2182.576 lbs) @108.6 kg BW *4th deadlift attempt doesn’t count toward total* – Greatest meet of my life thus far! I was able to break the ATWR 242 raw total record with my 3rd deadlift and the ATWR deadlift with my 4th deadlift attempt (previous post). – Thank you everyone who helped me today and throughout this prep. Too many names to tag but you know who you are!! @animalpak @nosweatsteph @deadlift_lord868 @strengthstudiott m. Thank you @jaffestrength for handling me today! 🙏🏽 thank you @hybridperformancemethod @alexuslar @steficohen @hayden.bowe for putting on a great meet! – I’m on a lifting high right now! I still have room to grow.. left some kilos on the bar which is a good thing! Back to work in a couple days to get ready for the @animalpak cage!

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Another record-breaking athlete at the weekend’s competition was another 110kg lifter, Kevin Oak, who squatted 860 pounds raw for an all-time world record. Somehow, he made it look relatively easy. 



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NEW WORLD RECORD SQUAT 860 lbs in the 242 pound weight class, raw no knee wraps. I couldn’t ball but I dunk my squats like Kobe. RIP. In honor of still breaking world records in 2020 use code WORLDRECORD for 20% off at @barbellcommission. #BarbellCommission #CantStop @chunkeecheese @_melissapappas_ @hallpurpose_ @jennifersauter @davidmotiv @motivny

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Another popular lifter who showed face at the event was Jon Call, aka jujimufu. He’s been known for his feats of strength and wild stunts for some time now, but the Hybrid Showdown was his first full powerlifting meet, he said in an Instagram post.

He competed at 110kg and ended the day with a 302.5kg (666.9-pound) squat, 182.5kg (402.3-pound) bench press—with an arm injury, he expained in the comments on his post—and a 302.5kg (666.9-pound) deadlift for a 787.5kg (1,736.1-pound) total. Not bad for a first-timer. 



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Finished my first full powerlifting meet! It was great! I’m happy! SQUAT (666 lbs / 302.5 kgs) BENCH (400 lbs / 181 kgs) DEADLIFT (666 lbs / 302.5 kgs) TOTAL (1733 lbs / 786 kgs) Thanks to my best friend and training partner @tomrboyden 😊 together we survived the powerlifting program of death that @alexuslar cursed us with to help prepare. ☠️ Thanks to everyone that follows us on YouTube and encouraged us, videos will be posted soon!

A post shared by Jon Call (@jujimufu) on Feb 3, 2020 at 8:35am PST


With so many talented and driven lifters in the game, we can’t wait to see how far they can push it to keep those world records rising. 


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